Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Google Earth 4.3 3D StreetView Starts To Solve “Immersive Hotdog Problem

Hmmm... This Looks Familiar.....

Courtesy Frank Taylor GEBlog.com.

Kinda like what I proposed December 30th, 2007??

"Can You Solve The 'Immersive Hotdog Problem'?"

While I contact my lawyer about possible Google royalty checks, it is great to see this capability brought to life - and I really like the blend effect that is presented when you click between each immersive sphere to give the sense of warping / traveling between each position.

What would be really fantastic would be for Google to release information on how this is done - particularly if you have an ImmersiveMedia set up of your own - but even if you just have an IPIX system it would be extremely helpful.

However, right now it is still more like a peapod than a hotdog - you can jump from pea to pea and turn the sphere into a mercator projected photo, but the true geometry that is collected in each sphere is not being projected out to the correct positions yet to create the solid hotdog.

How can we make that work? Is a new PhotoOverlay geometry type needed?

Whom do we ask for that? Google or the OGC?