Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Open Geoprocessing: Let's Share Some Code

About 2 weeks ago, I released a screencast discussing the use of the Google Earth API and the ESRI JavaScript API to bring Geoprocessing capability to the free Google Earth platform.

Since that time, I've been demonstrating the demo at the Google Earth Enterprise Users Conference, the ESRI Federal Users Conference, and the NOAA GeoTools conference, and lot of folks have asked for the source code.

I always wanted to make this code open and available for all to implement and improve on, so I've released it to a new Google Code Site: Open Geoprocessing.

I'm looking for anyone interested in flushing out some of the functions to make it more robust, but also looking to move on from utilizing the ESRI JS API for the geoprocessing to doing the same type of geoprocessing using some completely free Open Source Geo tools.

Here's how I see this working, let me know if I'm totally off in the wrong direction: